We're defining relationship coffee

The coffee trade isn't fair for small-scale producers. Through fairer prices, profit sharing, tools, education, and real relationships—coffee farmers are finally receiving what they've earned.

Impacting farm and farmer for the better

We believe everyone deserves opportunities for a sustainable, decent, and healthy life—not excluding coffee growers. We especially believe farmers should make a quality living from what they grow. Through better trade practices, education, and relationships, coffee can alleviate poverty and inequality, thus creatinzg brighter futures for farmers. Our first step: the Khomanta profit sharing program. 30% of all profits from each coffee label goes directly to the producer who grew it and their community, helping to improve their farm, their coffee, and the lives of everyone around them.

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Our foundation: ethically sourced

Consumers ought to know more about their coffee: not just who grows it, but how every ounce sold benefits them, too. We shouldn’t settle for anything less than farmers reaping more profits from their coffee than ever before. Ethically sourced coffee and the welfare of our producers are the foundation Khomanta is built upon. Yes, Fair Trade practices do plenty of good and protect producers around the world—but it still falls short. Let’s do better.

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The Zamora family, our first producer

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COVID-19's affect on Producers and Khomanta

It is no secret COVID-19 has been wrecking many industries and the coffee industry is no exception. We're doing what we can to give our producers a little peace of mind.