La Piria

Single Estate

Grown by The Neira Family
La Piria
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This crowd pleaser from the Neira family is a morning favorite for us. The caramel and malt notes shine in both cold and hot preparations. Slightly on the cusp of a medium roast, this velvety bodied coffee has a delicate orange acidity and hints of chamomile-like floras on a lingering finish.

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  • Tasting notes

    Caramel, malt, orange, chamomile

  • Roast


  • Body


  • Acidity



  • Process


  • Fermentation

    Pulped, 26 hours

  • Drying

    Raised drying beds, covered

Origin details

  • Origin


  • Region

    San Ignacio, Cajamarca

  • Varietals

    Bourbon, caturra, pache

  • Elevation

    5906 ft. (1800 meters)

  • Certifications

    Organic, Fair Trade

  • Sourced

    Sourced & imported by Khomanta

  • Producer

    Gloria Neira

30% of the profits made from the Neira's coffee goes directly into their pockets and their community.

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