Our mission

At Khomanta, we believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity to lead a sustainable, decent, and quality life.

Our mission is to improve the livelihood of coffee producers and their communities. We do this by providing more financial resources, educational opportunities, and trusted alliances between coffee grower and our company. Through better trade practices and direct relationships with growers, we can also work hard to alleviate poverty and inequality, thus creating brighter futures for farmers. 

We believe you can’t have better quality coffee without promising better quality of life to those who grow it, too. By connecting producers, roasters, and consumers together more directly and closely than ever before, we can improve the standards of the coffee industry— this means advancing quality of life for coffee farmers and the quality of your coffee at the same time. You can’t have one without the other.

Khomanta seeks to spotlight coffee producers in the industry just as much as coffee roaster and company. All three depend on each other. And yet, without producer, there is no roaster, there is no company, and there is no coffee. Letting producers live in poverty, with no attention to or gratitude for what they do (and the enjoyment it brings to our lives) is unacceptable— it needs to change. We want it to change, and it must.

The welfare and livelihood of our producers lays at the foundation of our most important priorities. These are central to our initiatives. We only sell coffee from producers we’ve met in person: people we believe we can build long lasting relationships with, as well as those who show willingness to invest and work together with us towards a better vision and standard for the coffee industry. We encourage experimentation, growth, and change in coffee producers and their farms where it wasn’t possible before, and offer support and resources as best we can to make that possible.

Our profit-sharing program is the first step in our plan to help producers rise up. We believe sustainable livelihoods and relationships start with economics. If a producer cannot afford to support their family and farm nothing else is possible.

While we do pay above Fair Trade market price for our coffee, it shouldn't end there. 30% of Khomanta's profits from all bags sold under a specific coffee producer’s label goes directly into that producer’s pockets and their community fund—straight to the producer, straight to their farm, straight to their family, and straight to their community.

This bonus paid out on top of the Fair Trade prices we pay outright for their raw coffee results in the producer making over 100% more per lb of coffee over the current organic Fair Trade price.

This program incentivizes all of us here at Khomanta—including our producers— to work and improve together, without leaving anyone behind. Only by working intimately with coffee farmers, meeting them on their own terrain, in their own homes, can we make the suggestions or improvements needed to help both their lives and their products reach higher levels of quality.

We hope that, through our work and dedication, you  the consumer— can enjoy your brew knowing the process from farm to cup was carried out with great care and responsibility for the people that make it all possible, and with the producer’s best interests in mind, not just our own.