This is really good! This is a super-enjoyable coffee. It’s sweet and bright but super inviting and easy to drink. This coffee was a gulper for me, I went through my cups fast every time because I just wanted to keep tasting it and then I’d be at the end of my cup before I knew it! [...] This is the brightest and most fruity/tropical Peruvian coffee I’ve ever had and it’s so delicious!

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I love the mission of Khomanta. The coffee industry needs more companies like them that push the limits of giving back to farmers and producers; they are a company I’m proud to support. They are more than just a social-conscious company though. They are a great roaster producing some delicious coffees. I can’t wait to see what other coffees they come out with in the coming months.

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In the press

Not only do we appreciate Khomanta’s transparency, but we value their commitment to fairness. On top of regular payments for coffee, Khomanta dedicates 30% of profits to share with the Zamora and Guerrero Families each year. We really appreciate such initiatives from the best ethical coffee companies.

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