Our story

All it really took was a genuine curiosity for coffee—and not just for the depths of its flavors, but for the depths of its origins, too. Next thing we knew, a conversation about the realities of coffee farmers sparked a flame that set Khomanta into motion.

For a few years before Khomanta we (Haydee and Clint) wanted to do something different with our lives. We experimented with various business ventures that never felt quite right. For a few years during that time, we lived in Peru—Haydee’s birthplace— while she sought a stronger connection to her home country. We found that Peru has an amazing reputation for coffee. It also happens to be the world’s leader in organic coffee exports.

Haydee already had a strong love of coffee. But she decided to learn more: how to cup, how to roast, and all the other details in between about the coffee industry from farm, to roast, to cup. Haydee quickly fell in love with the trade just as much as the coffee itself, finding herself wanting to get even more and more involved. This grew quickly and, before we knew it, we were taking classes together and gaining more insights into the world of coffee.

There is a lot to the coffee industry that people don’t know, see, or think about. We learned about the conditions most producers live in and felt compelled to do our part to make a change. Thus, “Khomanta” was conceived, the business venture that “felt right.” It was finally what we were hoping and dreaming to do.

We decided the vision and foundation of Khomanta would be to treat coffee producers like partners and family. We would help improve their lives as best we could, making sure they were paid fairly and directly along the way. To us, ethically-sourced coffee means going beyond Fair Trade. It means giving back to the people that bring enjoyment to millions daily.

The journey from farm to cup is a long one. The people that start it all— the coffee growers themselves— are the first to be forgotten and the last (and least) to be compensated, cared for, and respected. By starting Khomanta, we could do our part to make a change for better standards in an industry we deeply love. We could reinforce our belief that producers should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and, at the bare minimum, lead more comfortable and equitable lives. With additional help from the Khomanta profit-sharing program, producers earn a percentage of all coffee they’ve grown and that we sell. This results in a bonus paid directly to them— and an extra lifeline for a better livelihood on their farms.

So, what does the name ‘Khomanta’ mean? The name came about due to our family’s close ties with Peru and our decision to focus on Peruvian products. We felt it was natural to choose a brand name rooted in Peruvian culture. We searched for something that aligned with our vision: a love for coffee and everyone we would meet along our journey.

In the ancient Peruvian language of Aymara, khomanta means to “hug” or “embrace”. It felt perfect. Every step we’ve taken on this path has led us to people with open arms, as well as people with a strong shared passion for what we do. The name embodies the relationships we build with our producers. It also more than adequately describes that feeling you get when you’re completely enveloped in all the flavors and sensations of an amazing cup of coffee— whether in the morning, or the evening, or anytime.

We want everyone to share in the enjoyment that coffee can bring, whether you grow it or you drink it (or both). Better yet, through our work at Khomanta, we want everyone to experience the unparalleled delicate flavors, aromas, and deep appreciation that can only be found in perfectly roasted specialty coffee grown by good and hard-working people. 

Achieving this full experience requires an attention to quality, which is a top priority for us. We toast and cup countless samples of coffee until we find something we truly love. We then take our picks through multiple rounds of cupping with different groups, all to ensure our perceptions and tastes are shared with a wide range of coffee lovers. 

We’re excited to see what lies ahead, and we’re overjoyed to be a part of the coffee world. We’re making new friends, building new relationships, and feel like we are improving lives one by one. We hope you can become part of our story as well.

Read more about our producers through their profile pages. Or, purchase their products. Find out for yourself what their dedication and expertise has accomplished—and revel in amazing flavor and quality that can only be experienced in coffee grown (and compensated for) fairly and equitably.