La Piña

Single Estate

Grown by The Zamora Family
La Piña

The Zamoras put what we can only call "extra special attention" into this excellent micro lot of organic yellow Caturra. This coffee makes a wonderfully sweet, smooth, and velvety cup, twinkling with hints of chamomile, honey, and strong notes of caramel. Its name, "La Piña," was inspired by the pineapple ("piña" in Spanish) plants that grew randomly throughout the family's coffee. (Too bad they didn’t impart their flavors!) Due to changes the Zamoras made to their farm, this year's supply is extremely limited. Sip and experience this special Peruvian rarity while you can.

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  • Tasting notes

    Chamomile, Caramel, Honey, Panela

  • Roast


  • Body


  • Acidity


Origin details

  • Origin


  • Region

    San Ignacio, Cajamarca

  • Varietals

    Yellow caturra

  • Elevation

    6233 ft. (1900 meters)

  • Processing

    Fermented 36 hours, washed

    Raised drying beds, covered

  • Certifications

    Organic, Fair Trade

  • Producer

    The Zamora Family

  • Sourced

    Sourced & imported by Khomanta

30% of the profits made from the Zamoras's coffee goes directly into their pockets and their community.

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