Hand carved spoons

Hand Crafted In Peru

Hand carved spoons

Made from sapote wood, a drought resistant fruit tree found in Peru and Ecuador, sourced from the northern department of Piura, these hand carved spoons used throughout Peru will serve you for many years.

Our "coffee" spoon measures approximately 8.25" L x 1.75" W and would be considered a typical tablespoon. These spoons work great to scoop whole beans or ground coffee from our bags into your brewing device.

The "sweetener" spoon measures approximately 4.75" L x 1" W and would be considered 3/4 teaspoon. These spoons work great to add a sweetener of choice to any of our coffees, though we think they're delicious on their own.

  • Slight design variations between each piece is expected
  • Hand wash, towel dry
  • Sealed with a food-safe sealer