El Bebedero

Single Estate

Grown by Germán Carranza
El Bebedero

It's not too often a great dry/natural process coffee makes its way from Peru, but Germán's hard work has paid off. He is a tinkerer of fermentation with a mind set for experimentation. His blend of castillo rosario and bourbon varietals have been fermented and dried in the whole fruit resulting in an ever so slight fruity funk accompanied by intense cacao aromas with hints of plums, dried pineapple and raisins.

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  • Tasting notes

    Dried pineapple, plum, cacao, raisins

  • Roast


  • Body


  • Acidity



  • Process


  • Fermentation


  • Drying

    Raised drying beds, covered

Origin details

  • Origin


  • Region

    Utcubamba, Amazonas

  • Varietals

    Castillo rosario, bourbon

  • Elevation

    5577 ft. (1700 meters)

  • Certifications

    Organic, Fair Trade

  • Sourced

    Sourced & imported by Khomanta

  • Producer

    Germán Carranza

30% of the profits made from the Carranza's coffee goes directly into their pockets and their community.

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